Browar Piwna


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Browar Piwna

This bar and club is the perfect spot for the crowd that want to avoid the electronic music played on today's lists. Good old tunes from the Beatles and Doors are played by the DJ and if you don't feel like dancing there is plenty of room to sit down and enjoy a cold beer together with old and new friends.

Bars & Nightlife

Just walking around Gdansk, you’ll find a wide range of bars and pubs, from the very off-beat to typical student pubs, from ex-pat hangouts to exquisite lounges. Be warned: Eastern Europe has some of the wildest night clubs in the world, and Gdansk is no exception. Theme parties are everywhere, and the locals love to dress up for the occasion. Clubs tend to be open late, and the DJs are tireless! Not for the faint of heart.